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Handmade Folk Art Bull Sculptures, SET

Very Unique and Quirky pair of Handmade Folk Art Bull sculptures. The bulls are very realistic and are anatomically correct. They feature glass eyes, plastic horns, wooden feet and nose, all wrapped in what seems to be a flannel material that looks and feels very realistic. They both show signs of their age with some paint loss on the wooden feet, a few loose edge in the flannel covering, and one tail has some stitching repair. Without very close inspection these issues aren’t very noticeable and could be easily repaired if the new owner wishes to do so. Overall they are very sturdy and present well. If you are only interested in 1 bull instead of the pair please feel free to inquire.

  • Item #D1877
  • Condition good
  • Age 1970s
  • Dimensions 40" w x 11.5" d x 22" h
  • Status for sale

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