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Mid-Century Modern Folding Rosewood Dining Table by Skaraborgs of Sweden

Large and unique folding dining table constructed from rosewood. Designed by Arthur Carlsson for Skaraborgs Mobelindustri Tibro of Sweden. This table is very unique because of Carlsson’s folding design. When the table is in its smallest form you pull tabletop outward then flip the top layer back towards the centre of the table. It is a very smooth one person operation. The best part is that it eliminates the problem of having parts of the table fading differently than other over years of exposure to light. The wood showing when the table is not extended is completely different than the wood that shows when the table is extended. The table is used but in well above average condition. All joints and hinges are tight and operated smoothly. No noticeable issues that would detract from value or aesthetics. Ready for use.

Not extended 54.5” long, 35.5” deep, 28.75” tall
Extended 102” long, 35.5” deep, 28” tall.

  • Item #D17434
  • Condition excellent
  • Age 1960s
  • Dimensions 54.5" w x 35.5" d x 28.5" h
  • Status sold

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