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We have created 4 candles that we know you will enjoy! They are hand poured and are 12 ounces. The jars are colored to create a warm glow when burning. The wax is charcoal grey and the lids have custom labels identifying the candle. The names are inspired by some of our favorite MCM icons. All of the candles have great “throw” meaning they will smell all over your home or business when burning. They also have a burn time of 60-80 hours.

•Shu is a crisp, sage and citrus scent in a green jar.

•Ray is a spicy patchouli scent in a blue jar.

•Harvey is a woodsy dreamsicle scent in an amber jar.

•Charlotte is tart, sweet vanilla pomegranate in a red jar.

Tap the ‘contact us for pricing’ button and we will get back to you on how to purchase. The cost of each candle is $15 plus S&H.

  • Item #Candle
  • Condition excellent
  • Age 2018
  • Dimensions 3" w x 0" d x 4.3" h
  • Status for sale

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